IRENA BUZI: Selected Works

The exhibition is curated by PhD. Joana Dhiamandi.

On view from June 10 until July 10, 2021.

According to the curator Joana Dhiamandi, the exhibition “IRENA BUZI: Selected Works” brings us six different series of works on which the author has worked during the end of 1990s and early 2000s. The exhibition, which is her first personal one in Albania, both in terms of the number of works and series presented, has about 80 two- and three-dimensional works, covering the gamut of artistic expression from abstract to figurative art. The works vary as do the series; they include oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, carbon, mixed media, clay modeling and bronze casting.

Through her personal trajectory, the works carry emblematic signs of a time at the turn of millenniums and centuries, as well as the change of political and economic systems in Albania, Kosovo, and beyond. In her ongoing and multidisciplinary research, Irena Buzi shows a persistent insistence on discovering the poetic essence and the sound of her personal identity. The works convey the author’s experiences under the weight of the Zeitgeist and wordlessly, thus completing a part of the complex panorama of Albanian art, during a past and intensely troubled period.


Irena Buzi (b. 1975) attended the sculpture class at the art high school “Jakov Xoxa”, Fier (1989-1993). After studying “Business” at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana (1993-1997), she graduated in Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tirana (1996-2000). After graduating she specialized as a graphic designer in computer programs (2006-2008). During the period 2010-2019 she completed her postgraduate studies and earned a PhD in archaeological sciences for ancient sculpture, from the Department of Antiquity, Archaeological Institute, Academy of Albanology Studies, Tirana. Her works in painting, graphics, multimedia and sculpture stretch from her high school years until present. Also, as part of her artistic contribution, she has translated into Albanian and published the works “On Painting” by Leon Battista Alberti, “Sculpture: Principles and Practice” by Louis Slobodkin and “The Politics of Installation” by Boris Groys. The latter was drafted by her, collecting in a single book twelve various articles and essays by Groys.