The Art Forums are a series of open discussions with some of the personalities from the world of art and culture in general, active in Albania. These Forums aim to generate debate around the most interesting themes of our contemporaneity and the methods used by artists to explore and visualize them.

Driton Selmani

Selmani approaches the idea of perceived reality by deconstructing formations of social, political, and cultural topics that have been embodied around him. At a young age, he was told to worship a country that no longer existed, which caused him to form a basis of skepticism towards any supposedly given reality. He later used this as a beneficial tool to reconstruct his beliefs into visual artifacts. In 1999, old simulacra have been replaced by new simulacra; the ornaments of a previous space have been refurbished in order to unfold with new meanings but also new uncertainties. Selmani confronts himself as a spectator of this “on-going event”, but rather positions himself as an actor, enacting his performances based on his personal histories, beliefs, and doubts.

Rosella Pellicciotti

Rosella Pellicciotti is a young Italian-Albanian dancer / performer and choreographer. She graduated in Choreography Bachelor (2016) and Master (2018) at the University of Arts, Tirana. Active in the Albanian alternative dance scene since 2014, as a member of the Albanian Dance Theater Company, directed by Gjergj Prevazi, with whom she has performed in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Italy, Poland, Austria, China. Since 2017 she has been the creator and co-creator of the choreographic works ‘Suspended’, ‘Vortex’, ‘Winter Flowers’, ‘Earthly’, etc. and as a performer she has collaborated with a number of Albanian and European artists: theater directors, film directors, visual artists, choreographers; among the most recent collaborations the one with Gregor Luštek in ‘Tri Sestre’ (Slovenia).